Wolds Way Lavender Visit

Before I take you with me on our trip to Wolds Way Lavender, first of all I would like to thank Wolds Way Lavender for granting me permission to take photos to feature in my blog. All photos on this post were taken on our visit to Wolds Way Lavender – http://www.woldswaylavender.co.uk on 30th August 2016. When my friend and I first arrived we were given a map and asked if we had visited before then we booked the train ride, which cost £2 per person. Admission and parking at Wolds Way Lavender are free. We took 5 children with us … Continue reading Wolds Way Lavender Visit

About Gemsjardin

Hello and welcome to my blog. I’ve always been a keen gardener and this must be in my genes as my parents are both gardeners too, so I’ve caught the gardening bug from them. It is my love of gardening and wanting to put something back into the world that has inspired me to start this blog and to see what happens. Hopefully it will help to inspire others too. More about me I grew up on a small holding and spent most of my childhood there looking after the animals, collecting fruit for my grandma to sell, helping to … Continue reading About Gemsjardin

Gardening from scratch

Hello and welcome to my first blog. My name is Gemma and I live on the wolds with my partner Matt and my two children and our managerie of animals (my dad often jokes about our animals coming in to our home two by two.) Having moved house last year and being lucky to have a large garden to change into something beautiful I made the decision to start my first blog and to share this journey with others. I will start off by saying that I am no garden expert, but I am learning all the time and surprise … Continue reading Gardening from scratch